Khamis, November 14, 2013

Awang Hitam

Dia mesej inbox fb saya

Hello, i'm safrina Noor Rahman, can we be friends?

Saya balas dengan tanda bagus, ibu jari ke atas. Guna tablet ada, laptop macam takda tanda tu.
Dia pun balas

I'm sorry for invading your privacy, i browsed through your profile here on facebook and i think i like you for a new friend/relationship. I am presently in the UK but will be coming to Malaysia for my holiday.Thank you for accepting me as your friend. I never knew that it wouldn't take such a long time for you to get back to me, My names are Safrina Noor Rahman, I am mixed Malaysian ,my father is Malaysia and my mother is from England...I can't speak because i was born here in London and have never been to Malaysia. You just have to understand that communication is an integral aspect of life. Well you have got a good smile lol,i am an IT guru presently working with Hewlett-Packard here in London, i enjoy what i do but because of the way Muslims are being treated over here that is why i want to come down to Malaysia, my dad is late and it has been his dream to have 1 of his siblings come and live in Malaysia and i want to take up the challenge, well i only have a younger sister who is currently studying in the united states,i don't mean to cause any problem in your family but i think i will like to be with you so you can help me settle in when i come over also you have to help me cos i want to make some pre-investments when i arrive too. i hope to hear from you soon, awaiting your email...salam.

Saya apa lagi, balas balik guna ibu jari.  dan tulis i canot spek englis. Dia pun balas lagi la

Hello.. actually i live and work in the UK and my father is from Sabah a city in Malaysia but since i was born i have never been there that is why i have chosen to come over and see how Malaysia looks like. My Dad died about 2 years ago, and before his death he never brought me to Malaysia, neither did we have contact with any of his relatives in Malaysia because he lost contact with them a long time ago as he does not visit home and i never bothered seeking any of his relatives in Malaysia though.. I really would love to visit Malaysian soon and i am also working on relocating back home. Anyways how is Malaysia? what's the weather like over there in Malaysia? How are things generally in Malaysia? I indeed want to meet someone nice and a kind MAN/Woman in heart that can actually help me out when i get there. I want to meet people of my home country and my kind before i relocate home. What can you tell me about yourself? I need to know you more please as I would be grateful to have someone to help me settle in when i relocate back home soon. I'll be waiting to read from you thanks. here is my mobile number +447784563685..
i really like us to be friends and i want to be close to you since we also seek the same tender loving and work is doing alright, I am a professional system analyst so work work work and travel and that's one of my areas of interest,i like to swim, at this moment my priority is finding a man who will love to help me. I await your call and reply. Take care of yourself.

thumbs up lagi saya balas

dia balas lagi

Thanks for your effort and communications we really have to get to know each other better, I told you i have a younger sister who is currently schooling in Old Trafford and she is having a nice time, mum lives in Old Traford too and my dad is late like i told you in my previous mail although he left a lot of stuffs for us, am 29 years of age and i don't know how to speak before the death of my Dad He never thought us how to speak our native language (Malay) i work with Hewlett-Packard the makers of HP COMPUTERS and its really challenging, you just have to understand that communication is an integral aspect of life...
Well i love the outdoors,football,camping and dancing and swimming and i do this activities only when i am free....
What kind of girls you like? I hope to hear from you soon...Well cos of work i can't chat and am really busy during weekends...
Much Love...

ibu jari lagi saya bagi

dia balas jugak. bahlol punya awe itam

OK dear is just that i wanted us to get to know each other since i will be coming very soon to Malaysia for the first time i was thinking if you can assist me on getting a house and i really don't know what kind of business i like going into in Malaysia, I don't know yet that is why i needed your help so i can acquire all i wanted before coming over to Malaysia, like the house stuff am talking about and the business part of it, am thinking of going into franchise with McDonald's or KFC or partnership with oil and gas company when i get to Malaysia but i have to be there before i can accomplish all these...this is the main reason why i needed someone to assist me on my behalf to seek an ideal on all these business am talking about someone who can take me to where i can get access to all these.
As for the house i went online to get some contact and i contacted some Estate Agent Management about a bungalow or a duplex they keep saying same thing and i don't trust them, i don't know who to trust any more so i just want to be there myself or someone whom i can trust, this is why i really like to be close to you so we can share ideas together i really love to know more about you dear anyways nice to meet you and thanks for your mail... you can call me via +447784563685.
Yours Much Love..

thumbs up dua kali saya bagi

dia jawab jugak.. 

Thanks Dear for the message, am finally so happy that i meet a nice man whom can actually willing to help me out, i would like to invest in a lucrative business right there in Malaysia, and it depends on what i will invest on that is why i need your help to tell me what exactly i can invest on. then about the accommodation [where I'll stay when i come over] i also need you to tell me which state is very cool for me to buy a house a very conducive environment.
If only you can give me the chance to prove myself to you, you are the Kind of man any woman will like to lay on, well baby am happy to read your mail, and am happy because you are happy too, i don't wanna know your status but all i need from a man is a man's heart, a man that can handle a woman with care, a man i can trust with my life and everything.
Check my pictures....I hope you like them thing you should know more about me is that I am a very honest and modest a hardworking lady, hope you like that..i will be on my computer waiting to read again from you...i like your words and assurance too....thank you so so glad i meet you...take care now...can i have your if you don't mind to send me pictures of you, i will be more than happy to look at them.

cam biasa, thumbs up jugak

Baby, I don't even know where to begin. From the first time we talked to each other, I knew you were special. I was so nervous; It seemed so natural, like we've known one another for years. Truth is, it's been just under few days. I never knew I could feel this strongly about someone this soon, but you've proved me wrong. Every time I see the beach or a sunset I think about you day and night all the time. From the first time I saw your profile.
It's hard for me to tell you how I feel, I will slowly be able to tell you how I feel or what I'm thinking. I read this quote today and it made me think: "The best way to love is to love like you've never been hurt." That fits my situation one-hundred percent. I need to concentrate on making you happy. And letting you make me happy. I know that you wouldn't hurt me, at least intentionally. That's why you are different. I know you care for me and want to be with me. There has not been a moment in the last few days where I have doubted any feelings for you.
You've walked into my life and totally turned it around; You gave me the hope that I needed to keep going on. I am so grateful for having you in my life. I've been waiting on someone just like you to walk into my life. Baby, thank you for everything. I want to surprise you with a gift as an appreciation of our profound relationship/friendship.....
One last thing before I go. I have wanted to tell you something, but have not been able to bring myself to do so, well will let you know on my next
Bye Love.


Saya tak baca sangat.. ayat-ayat mengayat dari jantan entah betina mana. Ini bukan yang pertama dan bukan juga yang terakhir sebab tadi ada pulak sorang lagi. Oleh sebab dah boring sangat tambah menyampah dengan permainan jadi saya copy dan paste di sini. Apa yang saya dapati dialognya adalah sama, yakni copy dan paste. Dan juga ada set-set tertentu.

Awas, dunia itu menipu. Dan benarlah, wanita itu menjadi fitnah kepada lelaki.

Inilah Safina Rahman tu.. entah-entah Afrikaman mana entah. wakaka

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aryuwes berkata...

sa pun kena juga. mula2 layan kunun, tapi bila dia ckp mo buka franchise kepsi & mcd, trus sa saspek bau ikan suda..bila google +447784563685 jumpa blog ko...haiya tertipu stgh kaki juga la,nasib bukan stgh badan..

p.s. punya susa tu imej verification ko,mo 4-5 kali buat..

rasdi berkata...

uish..dekat setahun. saya pn kene hari ni.. same le kita..hahaha